Hi - I’m Claire. I’m a freelance creative who works with brands, businesses and media to visualise and deliver messages with purpose to inspire, educate and engage audiences.

In a rapidly changing world this has allowed me to work in many capacities - depending on the day you might classify me as an Art Director, a Copywriter, a PR or Photographer, but I believe in a holistic approach that considers how brand perception affects business goals.

I broadly do branded communications, with a solid understanding of marketing, design, PR and the social landscape. This dynamic works well in an agile startup environment, and I enjoy working across departments to help developing brands tell authentic stories.

I am also a specialist flatlay and still life product stylist / photographer and create imagery for websites, campaigns, social media and editorial.

My background is in the fashion industry, and I’ve worked across health, tech and hospitality. Sometimes I’m purely an ideas person, sometimes I’m a hands-on content creator. I’ve worked with established brands on specific campaigns, and with start up companies to develop communication strategies from scratch.

Memorable experiences include covering Nike’s #Breaking2 in Milan, presenting on a panel about the Circular Economy at Oxford SAID Business School, guerrilla marketing at Taste of London and ‘styling’ Salty Wings for an aerial flatlay.

I grew up in one of the most isolated cities in the world (Perth represent), have lived and worked in London and Melbourne, and am currently based in Sydney.

In addition to 10 years practical experience I hold the following qualifications:

B. Des (Fashion) - RMIT

Ad. Dip Live Production, Theatre & Events (Technical Production) - WAAPA

plus half of a Physiotherapy degree, because the human body is incredibly fascinating.

I am:

  • a professional, hands-on creative who balances imagination with practical expertise

  • well versed in marketing and PR communications, concept development and content production

  • experienced in defining and refining brand communication to deliver authentic messages

and thoroughly enjoy working both with startups to develop effective, cohesive launch strategies and established brands on campaign specific content.

Clients include:

RADO Swizerland, Australia Post, Ciroc, Airtasker, STM Perth, Piñatex® by Ananas Anam, Telstra Perth Fashion Festival, Frame, Pippa McManus, XPress Magazine, The City of Melbourne, ELLE Boutique, RunwayCHANNEL, AMP Capital, Cycliq, FeedUp, Royal College of Art (London).

Based in Sydney, available freelance for:

  • brand communications assessment, consultation, strategy + execution

  • still life concept / styling / photography

  • campaign creative

  • social media strategy, content creation, social media copywriting + post planning, social account management + in-house training

  • flatlay editorial + workshops

  • and projects that capture my imagination!

If your brand, business or client needs any of those things please email - I’d love to chat about how I might help.

If you’re a creative, have a collaborative project proposal or just want to chat hit me up on Insta @clairemueller.

Something to note: I’m a conscious consumer with an in-depth understanding of the fashion supply chain, am well informed on the complexity of sustainability and transparency within the fashion industry and keep up to date with emerging technologies and developments in this sector. Fashion clients are subject to scrutiny, and I’m proud to work with the people that I do.