Claire Mueller
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I help brands develop and deliver cohesive messages, writing copy for evergreen and campaign content including websites, pitch decks, marketing communications and social media.

brand communication

including tone of voice development, website content, CX emails, pitch decks + presentations

advertising + marketing copywriting

including campaign content, media kits, press releases + newsletters

social media storytelling

including brand personality, editorial, behind-the-scenes, news, event coverage

I specialise in educational content explaining brand purpose and values, and short form copy for digital channels.


copywriting samples:

Pinatex websquare.png

Piñatex® by Ananas Anam - website

Leading PR and Communications for innovative sustainable textile Piñatex® 2016-18 I developed brand language and wrote copy across their website, marketing collateral, business decks and social media.

The journey of Piñatex® began while Carmen Hijosa, a leathergoods expert, was consulting on the Philippines leather export industry in the 1990s. Shocked at the environmental impact of mass leather production and chemical tanning she realised this could not continue, but knew that PVC alternatives were not the solution. She was driven to research a sustainable alternative.

Inspired by the abundance of natural resources, including the use of plant fibres in traditional weaving such as the delicate Barong Tagalog garments, Carmen sought to create a new, non-woven textile that could be commercially produced, provide positive social and economic impact and maintain a low environmental footprint throughout its life cycle.


@pinatex - social media content

Where some see rubbish, we see potential...
The average pineapple has 30-40 leaves, approximately a metre long, generally left to rot or burned after the pineapple harvest.
We thought that was a waste.
Piñatex®️. Made from waste. 🙌🏻💚🍍


Legacy Fashion Summit - social media content

Dr Kevin Franklin of leading global sustainability solutions provider Elevate joined @legacysummit to deliver an uncomfortable truth - fashion businesses cannot rely solely on audits to ensure factory compliance with ethical standards, and the pressure to deliver ever-faster and ever-cheaper does little to disincentivise unethical practice. “Margin pressures drive more, and new, unethical practices. We need to utilises tools and techniques that go beyond audit to build trust, motivate and empower factories to take responsibility, not just respond to pressure from the top down.” Dr Franklin shared invaluable insights, detailing unethical profit-seeking techniques to look out for and data that demonstrated factories with more ethical practices had better business outcomes.

A highlight? Factories where workers subjectively (and anonymously) reported that their supervisors yell and communicate poorly had far worse productivity than factories where supervisors and workers had a respectful relationship; a win-win that’s hard to argue with.

We know the fashion industry still has a long way to go with supply chain transparency, and this week encourage everyone to join @fash_rev in asking the brands you love #whomademyclothes? For extensive information and resources visit


West Elm Australia - EDM copy

Subject: Towels are here! And they’re really (like, GOTS-certified) good

Pre-header: That’s Global Organic Textile Standards, not Game of Thrones btw

Wrap up in luxe organic cotton. Soft, light, quick-drying, and free from hazardous chemicals, because why would you want anything else against your skin?

Did you know? All of our all-cotton towels are 100% organic (as certified by Global Organic Textile Standards). And cute (as certified by us).

New organic cotton bed linen. Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ too, because we care about good design process, not just good design.


The Design Republik - press release

It may be instant style but this is not fast fashion.

Consciously designed and manufactured, The Design Republik’s garments are built to last, destined to become old favourites. Clean silhouettes and dedicated craftsmanship are the guiding principles of the brand, who use high end fabrications including Australian Merino wool, Japanese denim and fair trade organic cotton to create pieces you’ll want to wear over and over.


FeedUp - marketing communications

Food insecurity is a real problem in the UK, with the UN reporting that it impacts over 8.4 million people a year. This isn’t ok - so we’re partnered with food bank charity UKHARVEST to provide a meal for someone in desperate need for every ticket sold through

We call it #plateforaplate, and as a start are working towards providing 1 million meals, which we think makes everything our community does even more worthwhile. We’d love your help to get there.

RUN YOUR STYLE reebok-rainbow-blog-image.jpg

Run Your Style - educational content

You could run from your front door every day for the rest of your life and never do the same run twice. To be honest you probably won’t, but you COULD. Mix up the route, the distance, the tempo, the time, the music you're listening to, the shoes you’re wearing, the volume of New Zealand Pinot you drank last night, the amount of stress in your life, the weather…if it’s boring, you’re doing it wrong. You’re not going to love it the same every time, but if you have a crap one, guess what? You can do a totally different run tomorrow.